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About 2motoUK

We’ve been building custom motorcycles for over 15 years, specialising in the magical GP-500 2-stroke grandprix race replicas over the last 5 years, mainly Honda NSR-500s and Yamaha YZR-500s.

With each version, our aim is to perfect the level of replicas to as close to the real thing as practically possible.

130kg - 130bhp


Simply put, an unparalleled level of race replicas - Honda NSR-500 and Yamaha YZR-500, either as a full build or as a set components for those customers who like to twirl their own spanners. The starting point is always one of our bespoke chassis kits.

But first and foremost, our expressed aim to produce motorcycles that have the correct geometry for superb on track performance.

Attention to detail

No compromise design

Bespoke components

What the Press and our customers have to say

“Quite simply the greatest special we’ve ever seen...”

Jim Moore, Editor, Practical Sportsbike Magazine

“The thought, execution and detail are just mind-blowing...”

Jamie S., satisfied customer

“Incredible work of the highest standard...”

Paul G., satisfied customer

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